Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mina Ögon

Here's Agnetha with a Swedish version of the song 1973 ABBA song Disillusion, which can be found on the Ring Ring album. The Swedish title translates as "My Eyes". The ABBA version is unique in that it is the only ABBA song for which Agnetha received a songwriting credit; she composed the melody herself, although it is not known whether she solely composed the lyrics or whether Bjorn helped with this. The Swedish version of the song first appeared on Agnetha's 1975 solo album, Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus.

Head Over Heels (Alternative Mix)

Here's a nice find by Rudolf, otherwise known as mozpiano2 on YouTube. Just listen to the build up to the first chorus ("And with no trace of hesitation...") and the first chorus itself, then compare to the same part of the song in any other mix - I think you'll agree that they are quite different!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Update: April 2012

Well, since the closure of my previous YouTube account due to copyright infringement (which I don't agree with, but we soldier on), I thought it about time to update this blog with my new details. I will get around to correcting the links to my own uploaded videos soon, but for now, you can access my new channel at the following address.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another Morning Without You ("Like An Angel..." Demo)

Here's a YouTube reupload of my previous video of this track, this time with HD audio. Unfortunately, "Ola's" noises are still there, but you can really pick out a lot more of Agnetha and Frida's absolutely angelic vocals in the background. Post any lyrics you hear in the comments so we can all share and enjoy together. :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Matt Pop Remixes

Here is a selection of the excellent ABBA remixes from MattPop on YouTube (MattPopOfficial). Unfortunately, it seems that his previous YouTube account (producermattpop) has been suspended for copyright issues, and not all of his ABBA remixes have been reuploaded. However, I hope you enjoy this selection that he has made available again.

Incidentally, MattPop is the author of the much-loved "Hanging On The Ring Ring" ABBA versus Blondie remix, which I have previously uploaded a music video for. And, if remixes are not your thing, then I would still highly recommend that you take a listen to his version of "Just Like That" - probably one of the most well-produced remixes in existence!

My Mama Said (1974)

Knowing Me, Knowing You (1976)

Arrival (1976)

Dum Dum Diddle (1976)

If It Wasn't For The Nights (1978)

The King Has Lost His Crown (1978)

Super Trouper (1980)

Just Like That (1982)

Extended version with verses:

Undeleted/saxophone version remix (the better of the two in my opinion):

Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht (1973)
(German version of Another Town, Another Train)

Hanging On The Ring Ring (ABBA versus Blondie)

Other ABBA remixes from MattPop do exist, but they don't seem to be on YouTube at the moment. This includes versions of Dance (While The Music Still Goes On), That's Me and Like An Angel Passing Through My Room.