Thursday, 30 September 2010

Just Like That (Alternate "Slow" Mix)

This is a slightly different mix of the "slow" version of ABBA's unreleased song, "Just Like That". This mix is the left channel only of the available stereo mp3 file, which is significantly different to the mix in the right-hand channel and indeed the mix presented when both are played in stereo.

Sång Till Görel

"Sång Till Görel" - or "Song For Görel" in English - is a tribute song that ABBA performed for friend Görel Johnsen's 30th birthday in 1979. A limited amount of 7" records were pressed of the song, which were handed out at a private party for friends and family.

Just A Notion & Crying Over You (Extended/Reconstructed Mixes!)

Here are a couple of new extended/reconstructed mixes that I've made for the Undeleted snippets "Just A Notion" and "Crying Over You". A lot of time and effort has been put into making these mixes as perfect and pleasant and possible - hope you enjoy them! :)