Thursday, 31 January 2008

Rubber Ball Man (Extended Mix)

Update: Please see this post for a HQ version of this mix.

Monday, 21 January 2008

When All Is Said And Done (Demo Version)

Oho, here we go again! I just love this!

After that funky attempt at recording a backing track for When All Is Said And Done, naturally Bjorn and Benny felt the need to rerecord it with a completely different arangement. It's the arrangement we've come to know (and love), as this was the version released on The Visitors (1981). However, the final release is a slightly cut-down one; the following video includes the complete original recording. (I don't want to spoil the surprise, but essentially at the end of the song there is a repeat of the first verse.)

Two For The Price Of One (Demo Version)

This is the demo version of Two For The Price Of One, of which the final version can be found on the album The Visitors (1981). Notice it is sung from the first person perspective ("I") - this is also how ABBA sung it when they performed it live on 'Dick Cavett Meets ABBA' - whereas the final version is in the third person ("He"). The lyrics are also slightly different; if you listen carefully, there is even talk of suicide! ABBA singing about suicide?! Oo-er!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Just Like That (Saxophone Version)

This is the best quality I've heard!

And I also came across this slightly sped-up version:


This is pretty sweet playing! :D

Just Like That - Keyboard Recordings

This is a demo recording of Just Like That, played by myself on the keyboard:

...And here is the complete version:

I'm not obsessed. Honest.

Now, enough of my own material already! :P

Friday, 18 January 2008

Crying Over You (Extended Mix)

This is an extended mix I made using the small snippet included in the ABBA Undeleted medley. I tried not to make it sound too repetitive (unlike many other extended mixes I have heard).

That Like Just

Just to bring this up to are some other videos I have previously posted on YouTube. These are the two 'reversed' edits of Just Like That. The first is a sort of...well, remix I suppose. The second is the complete NaNaNa version played in reverse. Both are accompanied by wonderous random ABBA pictures. Enjoy!

One Of Us - Alternate Scenes!

I like this. It's a comparison between the One Of Us music video as we know it today, with an alternate version containing a few scenes that didn't make it into the final edit. The first is of Agnetha and Björn standing by those weird mirrors (in the actual video, we seen only Benny and Frida), and the other one is a face-on of Frida singing the chorus (we only see Angetha doing this in the video).

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Just Like That (The Video)

Here's one of my own to start with; a video I made to the first demo version of Just Like That.

Just Like That was written by Björn and Benny in May 1982, and recording sessions began that same month. At least three versions were recorded: the first attempt at recording the song has become known as the 'original', 'slow' or 'dream' version (the version used in my video here). The second version of the song is known as the 'Nanana' or 'Lalala' version. The last known version of the song has become known as the 'saxophone' version.

After recording of the 'saxophone' version in June 1982, Just Like That was left unsatisfactory by Benny and Björn. They stated some time afterwards that the song simply sounded 'wrong': the verses and the choruses did not go together well, and that is why it was scrapped.

Ah well, we can always hope they'll change their minds. :)