Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hamlet III - Live!

Here's a lovely little find that I actually discovered myself some time ago - and if, like me, you purchased the ABBA Live In Japan DVD that was released a few months ago, you may have noticed this yourself.

During one section of the DVD, ABBA are briefly shown rehearsing for a performance they were to give. More interestingly, Benny decides to perform a sound check (always a good idea!), and - undoubtedly something fresh in his memory at the time - he decided to give a little outburst of Hamlet III! Usually known for its brief inclusion in Michael B. Tretow's "ABBA Undeleted" medley on the 1994 Thank You For The Music box set, here we see this fun ABBA instrumental played live, though all so briefly.Enjoy, and thank you to dexxtra75 for the YouTube upload. :)

1 comment:

  1. Great, always a treat to see the four in semi-private setting ... and "Lottis Schottis" would have been a great "Intermezzo No. 2"