Sunday, 11 October 2009

More Rarities

I'd like to post a few ABBA snippets that I apparently haven't got around to posting here before. With my primary reason for running this blog being to catalogue all known ABBA rarities in existence, I felt it wouldn't be fair to leave them out indefinitely. ;) Here's the first batch.

In The Arms Of Rosalita (Snippet)
This is an early demo version of Chiquitita. The excerpt heard here is from the TV documentary that ITV first showed us about a decade ago, entitled "The Winner Takes It All". ITAOR featured lead vocals by Frida, contrary to Chiquitita with its Agnetha-driven lead. Interestingly, apparently a third version of the song - Chiquitita Angelina - was sung by both girls in unison.

Get On The Carousel
This song is an early version of what was to become Hole In Your Soul. It was performed live by ABBA during their 1977 tour of Australia, which is how this recording originated. The version heard here is the complete song - not the edited version that can be heard in ABBA: The Movie. The sound quality isn't pristine, but it is an excellent arrangement, none-the-less!

I Am An A
I Am An A is a song written for the 1977 tour - with lyrics contributed by all four members of the group - jokingly depicting themselves as "A, B, B, A". The song was never considered for the studio, but parts of the chorus were later recycled into Free As A Bumblebee. As FAAB song never progressed beyond the demo, the melody surfaced once again in the chorus of I Know Him So Well, from the musical Chess.

Monsieur, Monsieur (Snippet)
The early version of My Love My Life, recorded for the Arrival album in 1976. It's a shame about the talking over the music!

To Live With You
An attempt to record B&B's earlier song Lycka with English lyrics, To Live With You was recorded in 1975, but never got further than the demo. A solemn number with an exquisite melody, it's a shame about the dreary lyrics!

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